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Recent Sustainability Proxy Highlights

Callon values the perspectives of all of our stakeholders including employees, contractors, local communities and shareholders. We are focused on protecting, empowering and developing our team members and contributing meaningfully to the communities where we live and work. For us, corporate stewardship is not just a financial obligation, but a social duty as well.

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At Callon, protecting our people and our communities is our top priority. We believe that a strong safety culture is tantamount to being a leading operator in the exploration and production (E&P) business. We have adopted a Safety and Environmental Policy that sets forth our operating principles and our expectations of all Callon employees and contractors to operate safely, responsibly and in an environmentally sound manner.

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The safety of our employees, contractors and communities is of utmost importance – this is not negotiable. We recognize that we earn the right to operate every day by developing our assets responsibly and with respect for the environment. We focus on safety and protection of the environment in every operation, and all Callon representatives are authorized to “stop work” if these are at risk.

  • Protecting our workforce is our top priority. Thanks to enhanced contractor selection and leadership engagements, from 2017 to 2018 we reduced our OSHA Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) for employees and contractors by 40%. We continue to reinforce safety as the top priority with daily pre-job safety meetings, required job safety analyses to identify and mitigate risks, and monthly "all-hands" safety meetings with senior leadership.
  • Stop work authority. We make it every worker’s right and duty to stop work if they observe an unsafe condition or work practice.
  • Continuous improvement. Callon has implemented a robust safety observation card program to track, learn and share information among our workforce to proactively prevent incidents and injuries. Key learnings are shared with our workers in monthly safety meetings led by senior leaders. In 2018, we renewed emphasis on this important program and, as a result, participation increased over 40% in 2018. 
  • Stringent contractor selection and training. In 2018, we enhanced our focus on contractor selection, training and engagement by working with our vendor, PEC Safety. PEC Safety provides an online tool to track the critical safety, operational and insurance compliance information we require of our contractors. Contractors are graded on:
    • The strength of their safety programs and related performance over the past three years
    • Their related policies and procedures
    • The nature and design of their training programs
    Our safety priorities are reinforced through regular safety engagements among our senior leaders and contractor management teams.
  • Emergency response.  We provide Callon employees with emergency response training and conduct annual drills to help make sure they are prepared to respond when circumstances require. 
  • Accountability. To achieve accountability and drive continual improvement, safety performance and engagement are critical elements considered by our Compensation Committee in determining the discretionary component of the annual bonus payouts for each of our officers.
40% reduction in recordable incident rate in 2018
Nearly 40% increase in proactive safety observation program in 2018

Lone worker program

We have equipped all Callon field workers with a personal monitor that alarms if the worker is injured or feels threatened.

This lone worker/man down program provides 24-hour coverage, communications and GPS tracking to locate and communicate with a worker in the event of an emergency.

  • Building a top place to work. At Callon, a goal is to assemble and inspire a team of passionate and innovative professionals in an environment where they can achieve their professional goals. We empower our employees and engage team members in decision-making at every level while recognizing contributions to our success. This unique environment has helped us achieve top-tier engagement scores, resulting in Callon being named a Top Workplace by Houston Chronicle in 2017 (small company), 2018 (mid-size company), and 2019 (mid-size company).


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Our business requires focused innovation and evaluation of new opportunities for resource extraction. We balance the application of new technologies and testing of new concepts with prudent risk management and thorough data analysis.

  • Embracing diverse backgrounds and perspectives. At Callon, we value the diversity of our employees and their contributions. We are firmly committed to fostering an inclusive environment and providing equal opportunity to all qualified persons. More information about our diversity policy can be found in the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.
29% Female Employees in 2018
26% Minority Employees in 2018
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We value the ideas and contributions of all team members and show consideration and appreciation for one another. We recognize and embrace each other’s differences and work towards our common goals.

  • Fostering the development of leaders. Empowering people at all levels of the organization is at the core of how we operate. Our entrepreneurial environment encourages engagement, giving team members at all levels the ability to make an impact in the decision-making process. In the past two years, over 10% of the Callon workforce has participated in formal leadership training programs at leading institutions to enhance their professional development and impact. We also host internal development programs to support the leadership skills for all supervisors.
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Keenly focused on leading, we relentlessly challenge the status quo to meet and exceed our expectations for top-tier performance in all aspects of our business.

  • Operating in local communities. When our assets necessitate development projects near populated areas, we make every effort to mitigate the impact of our activities and work closely with city officials and neighboring landowners to proactively address considerations such as: noise, traffic, greenhouse gas emissions, and liquid spill prevention.
  • Supporting local communities. Callon has a longstanding history of supporting the local communities in which we operate. It is our privilege to make a positive impact through charitable giving and volunteerism to support key initiatives to support education, community, and the environment. In 2018, we supported 52 charitable organizations across all three of our offices in Texas and Mississippi. In 2019, we initiated our corporate giving matching program to support the charitable giving efforts of our employees by matching each employee’s charitable contributions up to $1,000 annually.