“Callon Petroleum has been a part of America’s independent oil and natural gas development story for 70 years. This, our inaugural sustainability report, represents the next step forward for Callon as we provide greater transparency and substantiate our ability to meet the changing needs of our stakeholders.”
JOSEPH C. GATTO, JR. President, CEO and Director

At Callon, our commitment to our shareholders is simple: create value in a responsible manner. Our focus on integrating sustainable business practices and achieving long-term results drives our operations. In alignment with these goals, our Board of Directors oversees the company’s safety and environmental policies, development of a positive corporate culture and an effective corporate governance program. The entire Callon team is committed to driving returns for our shareholders while positively impacting the communities in which we live and work.

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Callon Petroleum Company

Callon's Mission

Build trust, create value and drive sustainable growth responsibly for our investors, our employees and the communities in which we operate.


  • Callon actively works to reduce air emissions, protect local water supplies, minimize freshwater use and prevent spills. Our ongoing environmental programs have not only reduced our operational impacts, but also improved efficiency, lowered costs and reduced risk.
  • In 2019, we doubled our water recycling capacity, decreased our fluid spill rate by 28% and reduced truck traffic by over 400,000 truck loads per year by transporting more than 90% of oil and water via pipelines.
  • We surpassed $10 million in total invested capital in recent years for electrification projects that lower combustion emissions. We effectively reduced the rate of gas flared by more than 30%.


  • Callon employs a talented workforce and we are committed to the safety, health and development of each team member. We believe that a strong safety culture is a requirement to be a leading operator, and we value each other’s ideas and contributions to foster a respectful workplace and work toward common goals.
  • Callon was named a Top Workplace (by our employees) via the Houston Chronicle for the third year in a row, and had a 92% participation level in our employee engagement survey.
  • We achieved our best safety year on record, and saw an increase of 73% in BBS behavioral base operations.


  • Callon seeks to operate our business responsibly, ethically and in a manner aligned with the interests of our shareholders. We are committed to effective and sustainable corporate governance, which we believe strengthens accountability, promotes the long-term interests of our shareholders and helps build public trust in our Company.
  • Our commitment to high ethical standards is set forth in our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, which includes an anonymous reporting Helpline and a non-retaliation policy.
  • Our Board has established - and annually revisits - sound corporate governance policies that provide the framework under which we fulfill our responsibilities to shareholders.
  • We value diversity of thought and experience in the board room, and Callon has assembled a Board that brings a variety of perspectives and skills to best represent the interest of shareholders. Ten of 11 of our board directors are independent, and our board committees are comprised of entirely independent directors.
Callon Governance Documents

As part of our efforts to continuously improve our ESG transparency, reporting and performance, Callon welcomes feedback on our reporting. Please send comments or questions to


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