JOSEPH C. GATTO, JR. President, CEO and Director

“At Callon, our focus on sustainability starts with the products we produce to power the world, enhance personal prosperity, and protect the health and welfare of people everywhere. We play a vital role in an energy value chain that is responsible for enabling us to heat and cool our homes and businesses, power our hospitals and schools, feed our families, travel, and manufacture goods that are necessary for daily life. We are proud to help meet the world’s energy needs in ways that are innovative, safe, and environmentally and socially responsible.”

Callon Petroleum Company

Callon's Mission

Build trust, create value and drive sustainable growth responsibly for our investors, our employees and the communities in which we operate.

At Callon, our commitment to our shareholders is simple: create value in a responsible manner. Our focus on integrating sustainable business practices and achieving long-term results drives our operations. In alignment with these goals, our Board of Directors oversees the company’s safety and environmental policies, development of a positive corporate culture and an effective corporate governance program. The entire Callon team is committed to driving returns for our shareholders while positively impacting the communities in which we live and work.

Sustainable Operations

Callon actively works to reduce air emissions, protect local water supplies, minimize freshwater use and prevent spills. Our ongoing environmental programs have not only reduced our operational impacts, but also improved efficiency, lowered costs and reduced risk. We are proud of our 2021 environmental performance, which includes:

  • 11% reduction in GHG emissions intensity for legacy Callon assets*
  • 2% reduction in overall GHG emissions intensity*
  • 49% reduction in flare rate*
  • 24% reduction in total fluid spill rate
  • 19% reduction in hydrocarbon spills to the environment

Callon is committed to mitigating the risks of climate change. As such, we plan to achieve the following:

  • Reduce emissions intensity by 50% relative to pro forma 2019 by 2024
  • Reduce methane emissions to less than 0.2% by 2024
  • Reduce flared gas to less than 1% of gas produced by 2024

*Please refer to our 2021 Sustainability Report for definition and methodology.

Sustainable Teams

Callon employs a talented workforce and is committed to the safety, health, and development of each team member. We believe that our most valuable asset is, and always has been, our people. We foster an entrepreneurial workplace where people are encouraged and empowered to share their ideas and perspectives and to develop and implement plans to bring those ideas to fruition. At Callon, everyone has an opportunity to make a real and lasting impact on our Company and help drive our success.

In 2021, the number of professional women increased by 43%. 63% of new hires identified as female, racially or ethnically diverse, or both. We also introduced a formal Employee Development Program with an 83% participation rate.

We have great respect for the protection and advancement of universally recognized human rights, and we are committed to fostering an organizational culture which respects those rights. We formalized these core beliefs in 2022 by adopting a Human Rights Policy. We also developed a Contractor Code of Conduct. Our goal is to utilize suppliers and partners who share our commitment to sustainable development and operate in an ethical manner.

Responsible Governance

  • Callon seeks to operate our business responsibly, ethically and in a manner aligned with the interests of our shareholders. We are committed to effective and sustainable corporate governance, which we believe strengthens accountability, promotes the long-term interests of our shareholders and helps build public trust in our Company.
  • Our commitment to high ethical standards is set forth in our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, which includes an anonymous reporting Helpline and a non-retaliation policy.
  • Our Board has established - and annually revisits - sound corporate governance policies that provide the framework under which we fulfill our responsibilities to shareholders.
  • We value diversity of thought and experience in the board room, and Callon has assembled a Board that brings a variety of perspectives and skills to best represent the interest of shareholders. Callon’s Board include three females and one ethnically diverse director. In addition, 9 out of ten board directors are independent; and our board committees are comprised of entirely independent directors.
Callon Governance Documents

As part of our efforts to continuously improve our ESG transparency, reporting and performance, Callon welcomes feedback on our reporting. Please send comments or questions to [email protected].


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