Exhibit 22.1

Subsidiary Guarantors of Callon Petroleum Company
Name State of Incorporation
Callon Petroleum Operating Company Delaware
Callon (Permian) LLC Delaware
Callon Permian II, LLCDelaware
Callon (Permian) Minerals LLC
Callon (Niobrara) LLCDelaware
Callon (Utica) LLCDelaware
Callon Marcellus Holding Inc.Delaware

Each of the above subsidiaries of Callon Petroleum Company has fully guaranteed on a senior unsecured, joint and several basis each of the debt securities of the Company listed below:

Debt Securities of the Company Guaranteed by each of the Subsidiary Guarantors.
6.375% Senior Notes due July 1, 2026
8.0% Senior Notes due August 1, 2028
7.5% Senior Notes due June 15, 2030